Leonardo DiCaprio and TAG Heuer Partner to Help the Environment


Academy Award Leonardo Dicaprio teams up with TAG Heuer Watches for the “What Are You Made Of” ad campaign. Earlier this year TAG Heuer announced The “Revolutionary Road” star as its spokesperson:



“TAG Heuer is a strong brand with a proven commitment to doing good,” said DiCaprio. “It is a great day when a company as respected as TAG Heuer explores a different way to do business—selling products and giving back at the same time. I’m very excited to start this new partnership, and look forward to a long relationship with TAG Heuer.

TAG’s mission is support two organizations: Green Cross International and National Resource Defense Council. Both were created to give our earth a hopeful future.

Green Gross International is a firm believer in protecting our earth’s natural resources. For example, Water For Peace. Over the years there have been miss communication between countries when it comes to sharing water resources from river basins. In turn, this has caused a series of problems in our environment.This program was established as a resolution to help trans boundary river basins. Another program created by GGI is the Smart Energy for Sustainable Development, this program is making a conscience effort to reduce the amount of energy used in households and just about everywhere in the world. Even though Fossil fuels are an important resource it’s also causing harmful effects to our environment.

Most recently the National Resource Defense Council is taking legal actionagainst US Fish and WildlifeService to remove Northern Rocky Mountain wolves from the endangered species list. “We are so incredibly close to fulfilling the conditions necessary to declare the wolves’ comeback as complete, but this move threatens to undo what should be an incredible conservation success story.” says Debra Willcox, director of NRDC. If you want to donate to wolves campaign, you can do so at this email: [email protected]. Any questions or concerns can be answered by visiting nrdc.org