Sony – Product Testing Institute

Following on from recent discussions about the move away from the traditional TVC towards branded content, a great new campaign has launched for Sony Ericsson.

The company was formed in 2001 when Sony brought their technology experience to the table, partnering it with Ericsson’s communications experience. The result was a company capable of building phones that could do much more than just make calls and send texts. Early technology advances from the brand saw MP3 players and cameras now featured in mobile phones.

Phones have progressed a great deal further since that time. We now live in a world dominated by smart phones. Apple lead the charge and Google are doing everything in their monolith power to catch up. Sony has recently launched their new smart phone offering, the Xperia X10. It is a strong contender in the ever cluttering smart phone market.

The proposition for the new phone is no doubt something like “So simple to use, even dumb people can do it”.

To show just how easy the phone is to use, a series of focus groups were conducted. A pretend company was set up called the ‘Product Testing Institute’ and the results were filmed. They feature a range of stereotypes, including models, stoners, old people and Guido’s.

What resulted is hilarious.

The great thing is that in each execution, a different function of the phone is highlighted and the product demonstration speaks for itself. All are available on Youtube, but the best of the lot is the ‘models’ execution.

Take a look at that one here: