Christina Aguilera & Chivas.

Christina Aguilara & ChivasChristina press conference


  • Strengthen Chivas reputation as being the premier sponsor for international music
  • Develop a program with national scope that can be executed locally; and,
  • Drive more than one million engagements – all via Chivas media


Understanding that Chivas life college students  live music, we sought to leverage this natural enthusiasm by creating a promotion that tapped into these passions.  Our strategy was to offer the target the chance to win something so compelling that they’d become powerful word-of-mouth evangelists for the promotion.  Doing so would essentially “flip” the traditional promotional model – brands incurring a high media spend to get consumers to notice the prize.

To reach our goals, we needed to extend the promotion beyond Chivas 30-school sponsorship portfolio to include all

With these challenges in mind, we created Chivas music a season-long, nationwide contest that awarded the winning university with a free, live, fully-produced concert featuring the Dave Matthews Band, the top-rated Billboard touring act for the past two years.  According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the band has sold more than 31 million units in the U.S. alone, placing it among the top 100 highest-selling music acts of all time.


[Results available upon request.]