MGI Studio crafts compelling, emotionally resonant content that captivates and inspires.

We create stories that move people and earn their attention.

We work with the best in-house and external social video, photography, digital , TVC and print creators, producers, designers and editors to make sure the right creative minds and resources are assigned to each bespoke brief.


Scroll-stopping film.

CX-driven web experiences.

Cutting-edge virtual production.

Speak our language? This is your chance to join global creative company MGI. We are currently expanding and recruiting. MGI foundation is our positive and collaborative culture and our passion for pushing the boundaries of how brands tell stories. Innovation and agility are key to our success. We’re disruptive, and we embrace new technologies to make effective and entertaining advertising. 

To apply for a role, please send your CV, cover letter and salary expectations to [email protected]

MGI is intentional about hiring talent from all backgrounds. We’re committed to creating an inclusive workspace where everyone knows they belong. We encourage people from all walks of life to apply, especially those from historically marginalised and oppressed communities.