Diesel & Maroon 5

Maroon 5 in ShanghaiMaroon 5 & Got2b


Music and Fashion tends to mix well but often the deep connection is missed. Develop an authentic  on-line music destination DIESEL U MUSIC that allows consumers access to their favorite artists by providing exclusive content, live performances and behind the scenes access all in a DIESEL branded environment, surrounded by DIESEL products.


A DIESEL-branded website that houses unique and exclusive music content (audio, video, interviews, promotions, offers)

  • Partner with high profile media platforms that create or broadcast unique music content and uses media weight and added-value promotional weight to drive traffic to DIESLE lounge at the Maroon 5 Shanghai concert.
  • Utilize archived Yahoo! music content to supplement the new DIESEL content and enrich the overall consumer experience.
  • Leverage many of the DIESEL communications channels to distribution the message and drive traffic to the DIESEL style lounge.
  • House unique and exclusive music content:
    – live performances
    – artist interviews
    – behind-the-scenes video segments
    – “once-in-a-lifetime” promotions


  • Leveraged media program across media channels.
  • Had in store promotion to drive sales of product.
  • VIP Diesel lounge.