Which Chinese Celebrity is the most…?

Which Chinese Celebrity Is The Most _______”?

I found this article on enoVate web site and I thought that this was a very good article in getting a deeper insight in to what Chinese youth believe which local celebrity is the most..? the complete article can be found here http://enovatechina.com/blog/ or it is also just below if you would like to read on below….

We asked enoVate research team member Beibei to give her opinion on which Chinese celebrities are the most identifiable by their unique attributes. Here are her responses! Feel free to leave comments if you disagree!”

“Which Chinese celebrity is the most HEROIC?”

周润发Chow Yun-Fat

“His fans think he is the most dignified actor in China. His roles in heroic films are impressive”

杨紫琼 Michelle Yeoh


“She was recently honored as one of China’s ‘timeless female heroines’. She is a great actress and skilled in Kung Fu.”

“Which Chinese celebrity is the most SEXY


吴彦祖 Daniel Wu

“He is sexy!”

张曼玉 Maggie Cheung

“Even women think she is sexy!”

“Which Chinese celebrity has the most INDIVIDUALITY & PERSONALITY?”

张震岳 Chang Chen-yue


“He has a strong ‘bad-boy’ image amongst Chinese youth.”

王菲 Faye Wong

“She said, ‘If there is one day I don’t sing, then I hope you forget me’. She is very free-willed even though she is one of the most famous singers in China.”

“Which Chinese celebrity is the most YOUTHFUL?”

刘亦菲 Crystal Liu

“She is the most beautiful and youthful looking actress in China.”

方大同 Khalil Fong

“He is one of China’s most popular singers besides Jay Chou.”

Which Chinese celebrity is the most famous ONLINE


刘奕君 Acosta


“He is one of China’s most famous bloggers and was vaulted to fame online.”


“She became famous by her wild pictures online. She is very confident in herself even though she is not the most beautiful girl in the world.

“Which Chinese celebrity is the most TALENTED?”

周杰伦 Jay Chou

“He’s a musician, actor, and plays basketball!”

徐静蕾 Jinglei Xu

“She is an actress, director, singer, online magazine editor, and the most famous blogger in the world!”