“Does Zhang Ziyi Represent Chinese Women?”


I found this article on  http://www.littleredbook.cn which covers insights  into Chinese advertsing, marketing and social media.

The article is  from Veronica who is writing about Zhang ZiYi, a famous Chinese movie star and whether she represents Chinese women. It’s an interesting culture article and a good way to get quick insight into the heart of the Chinese woman. I think it is interesting because the article also touches upon Zhang Ziyi relationship with her brand partners…

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It is also just below…

As the proudest international star from China, the spotlight brings Ziyi Zhang just the same troubles as fame. Recently, she is suffering from some terrible trust crisis among the public. And we can see all kinds of media reports and arguments bomb online and offline.

Below is the translation of some heated discussions happening in tianya.cn:

Special Survey: Is Zhang Ziyi  Qualified to Represent Chinese Women?

Since the end of last year’s “Ink-Splashed Gate” incident , Zhang Ziyi’ s affairs almost have occupied all headlines of domestic leading print media and entertainment web pages. A few days ago, some TV channel broadcasted an interview of Zhang ZiYi, finally it said “Zhang Ziyi  is on behalf of the Chinese movies, Chinese women”,  ”Zhang Ziyi shows the world the image of Chinese women” etc.

Now, regardless of right and wrong on “Ink-Splash Gate” ( I believe that the law will finally clear Miss Zhang’s name), we just talk about whether Miss Zhang’s manners and behaviors could represent Chinese women before the incident.

Title: Zhang Ziyi and her new boyfriend’s close contact all exposed in Hong Kongclick to read the original post

Content excerpt: ” Zhang seemed very excited for the appearance of Huo QiShan, she cannot help but start dancing with Huo. At first, Huo looked a bit reserved for Zhang’s coquetry, or even didn’t know what to do but just danced not too close. But after he had several glasses of  champagne from Zhang. This kind of flattery made Huo Qishan gradually open himself.

After first step succeeded, Zhang Ziyi’s seductive behavior continued to escalate, and their body got much closer. Huo Qishan could not help but finally took off his coat. Zhang Ziyi was more excited after seeing his taking off his coat, she unbuttoned his shirt and touched his chest wittingly. The two danced face to face and became more and more closer. Although there were a lot of people around at the time, Zhang was not evasive, she put her hand on the inside of Huo’s thigh at intervals and almost forgot herself .” Hong Kong media reported it more explicit, but for the general sake of the young people’s healthy growth, there is no reprinting here.

Survey 1: China’s 600 million female compatriots, how many of you will get a room with a man who you just know for several hours? Do you want to be represented by this kind of woman?

Comments from Tianya users:

TugoudeweibaHaving the qualification to represent the kind of women whose life is chaotic and regardless of sense of shame to get fame and gain.But they are not all chinese women!!!!

可口不可口Proposing force-out St. Paul ChapterThis person can’t present Chinese woman, she was equally unscrupulous and used all kinds of methods to get advantage. She only disgraced the whole Chinese women, and she was the negative sample.

happydaily8888We have the right to know the use of that one million U.S. dollars earthquake donation!Requesting Zhang Ziyi to make a positive response for it!!!KakastoneZhang Ziyi, please learn from edison Chen that quit the entertainment forever.After this while, please organize a new PR team and plan a gallant regression

春哥曾哥都是我哥She didn’t say t she is the representative.I have no idea about who are the people upstairs? Whether you are passerby or fans, the adjective is so venomous……..Did Ziyi do something wrong? Such as rob your boyfriend or has some illegal love affair with your father? Did you need to rob the owner while his house is on fire and let her into impasse?

koll87I like Ziyi, she support her by herself. She has the freedom to live like this.

ZackcodyZiyi’s deceiving the public so as to build up a false reputation can be promoted by the mainstream media, it present the backslide of Chinese 5000-year traditional moral and the disjoint between some ranks of people and traditional moral.

ZackcodyI think she can represent Zhang ‘s network gunman.The network gunman of Zhang Ziyi basically has the same moral orientation with Ziyi’sBeing famous and reaching the purpose unscrupulously is the reason that Zhang Qiang adore Ziyi.

浣熊2008Ziyi is only a actress, why let she be the representative of Chinese women. I don’t think which women is suitable for the big position. It is inappropriate to let she be the representative of Chinese actress, so it’s enough to let she represent herself.

你瞧你丑的I think she is not bad and doesn’t has much different between the screen and the reality, it’s no problem.

赵财猫I think Deng Ya Ping has the qualification to represent the Chinese women, it’s only personal opinion.

支持章She knows some important person, so is there any usefulness for us to agree?

Another post on Tianya.cn:

Whoever Doesn’t Want Zhang Ziyi to Represent Chinese Women, Come to Vote!

Since Zhang Ziyi enter the business, she has been self-claiming to represent the Chinese people. Such as ”the pride of Chinese people”, “Zhang Ziyi is better than a 100 Confucius”.

Take a look at Zhang Ziyi’s misdeeds, which one would a proud Chinese do?

Zhang Ziyi crime 1: “Wenchuan earthquake”.

Avoided the Chinese Stars contributions, she claimed that had raised a million USD, but it was later reported that she had donated one million RMB. She had the audacity to embezzle Earthquake’s donation? ?While our compatriots were suffering, Zhang Ziyi took the opportunity to hype herself, or even benefited from national calamity ! ! !

Zhang Ziyi Crime 2: “Beach Gate”.

81 pictures of Zhang Ziyi showed her ugly images. I really can’t expect how can such a person represent all Chinese people? Don’t say that Zhang Ziyi is the victim, bared her bottom to let the foreign monkey fuck her, so ,that could be regard as the victim? ? Did she still has the face to claim herself ” the representative of Chinese image”? ?

Zhang Ziyi Crime 3:”Splash Ink Gate”.

Although the “Ink Gate” has no final conclusion, it’s also too early to judge the right and wrong, but Zhang Ziyi took the money which shouldn’t be taken and had sex with the person who shouldn’t sex with, and these are undisputed!!!

Zhang Ziyi Crime 4: “Arrogant remarks”.

China has always been a humble nation, take a look at Zhang Ziyi’s arrogant remarks. Such as:”I do dare to wear others do not dear to wear , I do dare to say others do not dare to say, I do dear to do others do not dear to do!” “I have a good looking and still be single, men must be interested in me!”

Having said all these, we’d better to send emails directly to the brands the “international superstar ” represent for , or just call them, to tell them you feel so disappointed at the actor who has so obvious flaws in character ,even disappointed that such kind of actor was their advertising spokesperson. The followings are the advertisers’ contacts details .It’s very simple that you just take only 2 minutes to send an e-mail to these advertisers and tell them you are so disappointed that the “international superstar” is the advertising spokesperson of their brand. That’s enough.









Comments from Tianya users:

红提绿苹果I just do not want to be represented! So I send over all the emails. If Miss ZZY Miss felt that the public has been misled by the media, please show the receipt, issue a summons to depend on the legal weapon defend her dignity! !

天涯雀子We discussed what kind of complaint letters was reasonable. It must put facts, have reasons, evidence, and powerful. I wrote one for reference.We are shocked by the negative news happened on Miss Zhang Ziyi, the product representative of your association: the ambiguous relationship between a number of wealthy merchants, suspected of obtaining property by deception, donation one million US dollars but have no proved documents. Take out the statement of her boyfriend with no signature to  insult the public intelligence. Against the media instead of the news people, which called bully the weak and fear the strong. Such person represents your noble and pure Association seems like a joke. We hope your seriously consider the contact with Miss Zhang Ziyi before the clarification of the negative

舞动的豆子Which star is clean?

支持章Support you very much. I hate to be represent by this kind of woman. If Gong Li instead of her, maybe I can accept.

支持章Who is using ridiculous words to attract the masses!Who is using all topics to raise her exposure!Who is manufacturing false news, raising the international status!Who is using the grief of the people of the whole country, using patriotic trick, successfully boarded the media headlines!The truth. We need only the truth.we just want the people who took advantage of grief that came from the Wenchuan earthquake to speculate and buy reputation for himself deserve punishment.

纳米In fact, what you said these, I almost can accept , except that the earthquake donation became from one million U.S. dollars to one million yuan.What disgust me most is her using the pretext of the Olympic Games , actually, Olympic Flame is not her business, but she paid for her visiting the Olympic Games ,take some pictures ,and regarded herself as VIP when she returned. It seems that she join in torch lighting. I’ve seen shameless persons, but never seen such a shameless person.

lihua_fanIt’s so boring that abuse each otherWho are boring, Zhang Ziyi’s fans or Zhao Wei’s fans? Please supervise and urge your master to face the media and the masses directly and actively.Bring the public the truth.By cussing and attacking each other is unpopular.

OhonlyI send over all the emails.Support LZ.I hate Zhang Ziyi.But I used to admire her for her successes by her own ability.Haha.

新鲜的生活Saying that I have never felt that she was able to represent Chinese women.

小鬼斗I just want to say , I don’t hate her, but I feel repelled by your aggressive .

你是谁的花Too much scandals, it seems disgusting no matter how luxurious products she speaks for.