Jay Chou Concert x Boundless




Taiwanese Mandopop icon, Jay Chou, made a triumphant return to Sydney on Saturday 4 March as part of his ‘Jay Chou Carnival World Tour’. The 43-year-old singer-songwriter performed to a sold-out audience at GIANTS Stadium. The ‘Pink Ocean’ singer wowed the 30,000-strong crowd with a phenomenal career-spanning live concert experience.

Throughout the energetic set of much-loved songs, the show’s co-sponsor – Boundless Hydrogen Water – helped concert crew to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is proven to increase energy, improve movement, recovery and agility, and aid in mental clarity and activity.

Jay Chou has sold more than 30 million albums since his debut to become the world’s most-streamed Asian artist, surpassing more than a billion streams, and performing to more than 10 million people globally. He was named as one of China’s 50 most influential figures this century, one of the only three singers on a list dominated by politicians and corporate owners.


“It was an exciting opportunity to support the concert of an icon such as Jay Chou, and the Asian community, throughout the landmark performance of Jay’s first outdoor stadium concert Down Under,” said the Founder of Boundless Hydrogen Water, David Goo. “We’re proud that our hydrogen-infused water ensured the concert crew stay energetic to complete all the backstage works.”

Scientifically researched to help athletes perform better and recover faster, Boundless Hydrogen Water is a perfect support partner for a concert preparation. Uniquely crafted using molecular vibration, Boundless is completely free from chemicals.

Thanks to the high presence of antioxidants, Boundless may also boost athletic performance, aid in recovery and recuperation from injuries, fight the signs of ageing, improve immune system strength, contribute to a better night’s sleep, and accelerate recovery during a hangover.

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Concert was sold out. 30,000 GIANTS Stadium Homebush.

Boundless received 1 Billion media impressions for PR articles
Campaign was featured in Vogue, Sina Sports, Tencent, etc.