Celebrity & Brand Awareness and Recall- (Post draft)

Choosing the right celebrity for a brand can help create instant brand awareness and recall. A thorough understanding of the key elements involved must be considered. Here’s a quick breakdown…

What are brand images/values?: Simply stated, a brand is a differentiated product that helps in identifying your product as well as making it stand out due to its name, design, style, symbol, colour combination, or usually a mix of all these ingredients.

The scope of a celebrity on the incumbent brand: Without sex appeal and clever marketing, brands can appear very dull. Celebrity values can help define and refresh the brand image. Additionally, they can add new dimensions to a brand’s positioning.

Experience of Use: This encapsulates familiarity and proven reliability.

User Associations: Brands acquire images from the type of people who are seen using them. Images of prestige or success are imbibed when brands are associated with glamorous personalities.

Belief in Efficiency: Ranking from consumer associations, newspaper editorials etc.

Brand Appearance: Design of brand offers clues to quality and affects preferences.

Manufacturer’s Name & Reputation: A prominent brand name (Sony, Pepsi, Lenovo) transfers positive associations.

*The celebrity’s role is the most explicit and profound in incarnating user associations among these mentioned points. To comprehend this, let us analyse the multiplier effect formula for a successful brand:

Multiplier copy

An appropriately used celebrity can prove to be a massively powerful tool that magnifies the effects of a campaign. But the aura of cautiousness should always be there. Correct research, advise and consultation are essential.

[Extra that may be unnecessary info:

The realm of the celebrity’s impact is confined to bestow a distinctive identity and provide AV to the brand; the celebrity does not have the power to improve or debilitate the efficiency and features of the core product. Thus, we are gradually approaching an evident proposition claiming,

“The health of a brand can be greatly improved with the use of the correct celebrity endorsement.”