Celebrity Acquisition Form

What MGI DOES for YOU:

Step 1 Receives your request – (Please fill in our Celebrity Contact Us Form)

Step 2 Confirms receipt of your request and contacts you to discuss, clarify and recommend talent according to your aims and objectives

Step 3 Prepares a celebrity list or seek your celebrity of choice

Step 4 Approaches your top choice for availability and fee structure

Step 5 Secures your celebrity or seeks your next choice on your list

Step 6 Drafts the agreement between the two parties, liaises, coordinates and manages the celebrity from signature until event completion

What MGI NEEDS from YOU:

Step 1 The type of event / function / or reason for celebrity

Step 2 Budget range – This will help us find the right celebrity for your needs in the best timeframe possible

Step 3 Date/Timing – Approximate timing is initially required, followed by concrete dates that need to be determined/confirmed

Step 4 Additional requirements -Do you need the celebrity to speak, do any media, endorse a product or any specific requirements?

Step 5 The name your celebrity choice/s or let MGI create a list for you – Or state the ‘type’ of celebrity i.e. TV personality, film star, comedian, MC or keynote speaker

Step 6 For you to contact MGI– click on the ‘SEND REQUEST’ button below and fill in our email request form or  call us on +8621 61732728 Shanghai