The Perfect TV Host Can Bring a Lot to the Table

News By Laura Bowman

When planning a dinner party many people get caught up in the food, wine, and the guest list. But the truth is, the key to a perfect night is really a good host.

Being the perfect host is a fine art that few have really mastered. The host is never off-duty and needs to make sure that everyone feels welcome and constantly entertained. Always outwardly focused, they are normally charismatic, thoughtful and are much more inclined to focus on their guests. The balance is hard to achieve, but when it is, a talented host can create an unforgettable night for everyone.

The same stands for creating an entertaining television show. The scenes and the guests can all be well-aligned, but quality entertainment isn’t possible without a talented personality to bring it all together. Think of Oprah Winfrey, Meng Fei and Jimmy Fallon – each strong characters that bring out the best in their guests. The only reason they’ve made TV history is because of their selfless charm, wit, and charisma that creates real emotional connections with guests.  These unique personalities have a way of leading their show while still making others the star.

This rare stage presence comes from the right mix of comfort, confidence, and curiosity. The audience naturally feeds off the energy of the host, so when they own the stage and feel completely at ease the audience feels just as at home. At the same time, hosts have to keep the hype level high and the banter rolling. As the center of the action, they have to play the role of the psychologist, the comedian, and the friend during each and every show.

Most importantly, however, the ideal host will remain genuinely interested in their guests. They have to be naturally curious, and instead of just playing the part they should really want to discover more about the people they’re talking to. Jeff Probst, the host of the hit show “Survivor,” describes how he gets the most out of his interviews: “Put yourself in the spot of the audience. Ask what they’re thinking, what they want to know.” The best communicators are really the best listeners, and the best television hosts never have the full limelight.

It is rare that one finds a person with this unique combination of traits. But Beijing Satellite’s new show, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, has done just that. From many options, the show found Li Jing to be their perfect match. Previous host of “Good Morning Beijing” and producer of “Super Gather News,” Jing has a natural charisma and casual style. Each celebrity guest of the show comes to Li for help with a relationship issue, whether family or romantic, and Li is the perfect person to help them through it.

Her openness brings out the true thoughts and feelings of the guests and allows the viewer to see the whole, raw emotional story. She has the unique ability to ask the questions that really get to the root of the issue, and bring out the most entertaining content that lets you get to know the guest on a deeper level. A great host is at the center of all the activity, but lets everyone around them shine.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner will premiere this October on Beijing Satellite. Tune in to watch Li Jing as she expertly guides each week’s celebrity guest through their relationships in a dining setting.