How are the pioneers of broccolini adapting to a COVID world?

Article by Ryan Cheng

Perfection Fresh has a long history of innovation and adaptation; and in a world currently fighting a pandemic, this foundation has put them in good stead.

In the early 90’s, the team at Perfection Fresh was busy exploring the fresh produce of Japan. Wandering through busy farmers’ markets, they stumbled upon what can only be described as a mix of broccoli and Chinese Kale.

It was mild, peppery, sweet, and tender. And not only was it completely delicious, it was also entirely edible – nothing to cut, nothing to waste. From that fateful day, Perfection Fresh has been growing and sharing Broccolini® with Australians ever since.

This unique foresight is steeped in the company’s history, in what Perfection Fresh label as their “legacy of flavor.”


The world of taste

Perfection Fresh is passionate about bringing Australians the best and are proud to do so. All their 500+ staff are constantly encouraged to come up with fresh tastes, techniques, and ideas. And for over 40 years, established by their founder – Mr Tony Simonetta – they have been underpinned by a strong sense of ethics.

Ethics determine the right way to do business. After all, professionalism and deep focus is the only way to build a trusted brand. Consequently, this has translated into a people-first culture that manifests in two ways:

First, in building respectful relationships with its network of growers, suppliers, and customers. 

Second, in creating a safe environment for the Perfection Fresh team.

And as the food industry comes to grips with the ever-changing COVID19 landscape, Perfection Fresh has been leading the way.



Adapting to a COVID world

Although Perfection Fresh is identified as a provider of essential services, CEO Michael Simonetta describes COVID-19 as the single most disruptive event in his memory.

“From the beginning, we knew this was a game-changer. 

“Call it instinct or long experience – but the senior leadership team quickly moved into action and set up measures to protect our people and our customers.”




Perfection Fresh locked down employee movements between locations and started to enforce remote working for office-based employees from March.

“The first steps we took involved canceling international travel and tightly limiting domestic travel… we also put in place very strict guidelines for visitors and ordered additional stocks of disinfectant and other cleaning materials.

Perfection Fresh has been vigilant about its responsibility to its employees as well as consumers during COVID-19, understanding that clear communication is fundamental. 

“We also knew it was critical to keep them up-to-date. We built a dedicated portal on our intranet to deliver information across the business.”

“We also pushed our flu vaccination program harder than usual to keep people protected.”




As the multiple impacts of COVID19 begin to play out, Perfection Fresh is proud to join forces with OzHarvest and MGI to support the #HereForHope campaign. The campaign will help to get food to the millions of Australians going hungry right now. 

For Marketing Manager Luke Gibson, this partnership represents a responsibility Perfection Fresh holds to the broader community. A responsibility that cannot be understated.

“We’re proud to support initiatives that help those most in need. 

“Food security is a big issue in the current environment. Whilst the day to day lives of Australians has temporarily changed, the consumption of fresh, Australian grown produce must continue to ensure good health for the most vulnerable.

“Now more than ever, our role is to help continue the supply of quality, fresh, locally grown produce and protect our people, the growers we work with, and the metro and regional communities that we operate in.


“Through all the uncertainty it remains a fact that fresh produce is one of the best foods to consume to optimize your health.” – Michael Simonetta, Perfection Fresh CEO

Since 2004, OzHarvest has collected quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivered it to those that need it most. While businesses close their doors and food supplies dwindle, the need for OzHarvest’s services has soared by 50 percent.

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