Ke$ha – Behind the Glitter

An Insight by Lauren Jane

Whether you like Ke$ha or think her song, Tik Tok, is commercialized garbage, there is no denying that she has now got herself a smash hit single.

Tik Tok hooks in the listener from the very beginning. Her playful and bizarre rapping style is so uniquely different from other pop-artists, and through this, she’s found a way to keep her fans wanting more. Sure she’s the definition of a commercialized pop star, but perhaps there’s a little more to her?

So what’s the real story behind this crazy, glitter-covered pop-sensation? With a wild collaboration of aesthetic elements, she effortlessly connects with the modern image of a pop star. Clearly she wants to make a statement and be remembered. She even felt the need to jazz up her name with a dollar sign.

But, is there really more to the 23 year-old songstress than her party-girl image? Or has she brilliantly branded herself in a way that no one has tried before? Well apparently she has it all worked out and is much smarter than she lets on. When Kesha was 17, she quit high school, and commented, “…which was crazy because I was enrolled in an International Baccalaureate program and was going to go to Columbia University and study psychology,” she says, “but I wanted to move back to L.A. and pursue my music.” In reference to being featured on the hit song, ‘Right Round’, she stated that, “I may seem kind of crazy, but behind it all I have my s**t together. I’m working really hard to make this happen and it’s nice to see that hard work pay off. I mean, three years ago I was stealing canned vegetables from the dollar store to survive. Now I’m on a No. 1 song, working on my album, and have a little change in my pocket…”. Ke$ha is no doubt a young entrepreneur with goals that she will stop at nothing to achieve.

Ke$ha’s created her own new style of rap that sounds a bit strange, yet ridiculously catchy, and listening to her music can almost be described as fast food consumption. It is highly addictive, and people by the masses enjoy digesting it, but it is by no means a fine dining experience.

Ke$ha explains her sound by saying, “I want my music to be fun, unapologetic, rowdy, quirky, humorous, and interesting,” she says, “but with substance behind it. I’m an emotional person underneath all my fronting. I want people to listen to it and feel like they can relate.”

With far from conventional lyrics, her music is probably best appreciated by an age-appropriate audience. Her overall themes speak of partying, getting trashed, and being hung over, with possible hints of some emotion laced somewhere underneath. Ke$ha takes the party image, from say someone like Katy Perry, to a whole new level. Her wild persona is maintained even during interviews, where she walks out on stage with literal swagger.

So is she a fad? Think what you will about what’s behind Ke$ha’s glittery and feisty nature. The fact remains that she has a potentially long career ahead of her and many brands are bound to get on board with product endorsements. My guess would be alcohol brands positioning themselves as the party beverage. Jack Daniels anyone? I’m curious to see how her career develops, and which brands she partners with first.

Interesting Kesha Facts:

  • Her debut single, “Tik Tok,” was released in August 2009 to much commercial success. It reached number one in 11 countries, and set the weekly records for the most digital downloads of a female artist and of the total Top 40 Mainstream airplay records in the US.
  • The song also became the longest running number-one debut single by a female artist since 1977.
  • Her debut album, Animal, was released in early 2010 and debuted at number one in the US.
  • Ke$ha also did extra vocals for the Britney Spears song “Lace and Leather” and also featured in Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” music video, and co-wrote The Veronicas’ “This Love” song.

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