Honda Makes Great Ads

By Andrew Howie

There are brands around the world that as an Ad Guy you just want to work with. Guinness is one. They always do interesting and cool advertising. There are numerous other brands such as Nike and Coke that are on that list too.

My most recent addition is Honda. Having worked with Toyota and Kia before, I have always been keen on cars and keep track of what automotive brands are up to around the globe. Honda have done some great ads in recent years. They have several ads in my top ten favorite of all time.

You would no doubt be familiar with the multi-award winning ‘Cog’ ad. If you are not, then be sure, here it is again.

It is fantastic. It takes all the working parts of a car and puts them to alternate use.

Other impressive work from the brand includes the ‘Impossible Dream’. A montage of Honda products showing the evolution of the brand. This amazing work can be seen here

I can watch this ad over and over again and never get tired of it. It is right up there as the best ad ever for me.

‘Difficult is worth doing’ took the business proposition and brought it to life creatively. 19 sky divers jumped out of a plane to spell out the letters of HONDA. Not easy to do I would imagine, having never tried myself. The results can be seen here

Yet again, another pretty awesome idea.

I came across the most recent work from Honda Australia today. It is an ad for the Honda Jazz and was created by Ogilvy Melbourne. It is titled “Jazz Packing” and at this stage looks like it will just be viral. So I am doing just that. I am sharing it with the world and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have. There are four episodes to choose form at the moment. The best for mine are the ‘Hipster’ and ‘Rap’ executions. Head here

for the ‘Hipster’ and here for the ‘Rap’ episode.

Yet again, Honda has hit the mark with some fantastic communications.