Homegrown Aussies at Alpha-H strike gold

2020 has been a tough year for everyone across the board, with Covid-19 halting innovation and progress across a number of industries. Which is why it makes Alpha-H and their visionary decision to finally break into China a stroke of genius.

Proudly Australian owned and operated, Alpha-H is considered a global leader in corrective and preventive skin care. A culture of innovation and demand for excellence is a legacy left behind by recently passed founder, Michelle Doherty. 

For Alpha-H General Manager (China) Jane Huang, this has translated into a burning concern with the bigger picture, constantly trying to break new ground by creating skincare that brings together one’s individual lifestyle and daily needs.

“As the global crisis continues to challenge us, now more than ever, Alpha-H wants to stand in solidarity with our global community during these testing times.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Alpha-H is collaborating with Masha Ma to celebrate their upcoming Liquid Gold(TM) product launch in China. Liquid Gold (TM) by Alpha-H seeks to progressively resurface the skin. It works as a toner, exfoliant, essence, and moisturizer all in one, and has attracted a cult following right around the globe.

Traditionally, product partnerships such as this require large celebrity endorsements that can cut through culture. This represents a groundbreaking approach, allowing the personality to encompass the brand and be part of the creative process.

Through this partnership with Alpha-H, Masha Ma endeavors to conceptualize the golden radiance and elasticity of our skin through beautifully crafted earrings. 

“Drawing direct inspiration from the heartbeat of the brand itself – it’s Liquid Gold (TM) essence – I sought out to embody the spirit and style of Alpha-H through earring design. This is a piece of jewelry that can accentuate the beautiful cheeks and jawline of a woman’s face.”  

“You will see the concept brought to life through the use of liquified-solid metal, shaped into the brand’s powerful ‘A’.”

Liquid Gold (TM) utilizes Glycolic Acid to assist in dissolving the glue-like substance which holds dead skin cells to the skin’s surface. It gently and progressively removes these dead cells, thus allowing lovely, fresh skin that’s been hiding underneath to finally shine through.

Alpha-H General Manager (China) Jane Huang believes that 2020 was the right time to introduce the Liquid Gold (TM) range to the biggest and most competitive beauty care market in the world.  

“It is a year that celebrates the “Alpha” persona, mantra, and sentiment. Alpha women have the resilience and inner strength that stems from the self-love of our bodies, our skin, our face, for exactly who we are.”

She proudly highlights that the collaboration between MASHAMA and Alpha-H skincare is the culmination of her innovative and brilliant team’s hard work.

“For many women across the globe, being comfortable in their skin is fundamental. Just like her sense of style and fashion, a woman’s skin is an extension of her character and individuality.

Alpha-H understands this inherently, and has brought together visionary storytelling with an undeniable product to celebrate femininity in all forms.”

At MGI, we have been tasked to help champion the cause and that is something we gladly take on. 

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