The changing face of Beliebers.

Article by Andrew Howie

In a world where the career of a musician can live or die by a single vote from a viewer, or the opinion of a washed up has been panellist, a new generation of performers are taking the world by storm. They are young, talented in their own right, and in control of their image and destinies.

When Justin Bieber broke onto the scene a few years ago, plucked from obscurity on YouTube by Usher, not many would have foreseen his ability to evolve, grow and adapt from an awkward teen with a questionable haircut into a young man.

With his growing maturity has come a change in his music. By his own admission, the makeup of the audiences at his shows has also changed. Not only are there screaming teenage girls, but older women too. Even a splattering of young guys.

To his credit, he is actually a musician. Not the result of a TV talent show or the product of a music executive who has manufactured the output for his financial gain. He has worked hard at his craft and can play numerous instruments. If being, young, good looking and filthy rich is not enough to woo the women, he can also play the guitar. This kid is a winner. Voted the 3rd most powerful celebrity in the world by Forbes magazine in 2012, Bieber is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Born and raised in the age of technology and a social media native, he manages and maintains a core audience of follows on Twitter in excess of 25 million, second only to Lady Gaga. It is the kind of reach that most brands around the world would kill to have. Add to that his clean living as a devout Christian and you have yourself a poster boy for young children to follow.

An army of adoring, screaming fans is nothing new. In the 60’s there were hoards of women screaming when The Beatles would touch down in a different city every week. Not to mention numerous other rock bands from around the world enduring the same treatment when on tour. The difference is, these days technology allows them to amass in an instant at any location.

He seems to be taking all of this in his stride. He is polite in interviews and takes the time to be photographed with his adoring fans when the opportunity arises. Seemingly a long way from many other musicians who find themselves in the press for all the wrong reasons.

Bieber is currently making his way around the globe, to announce his upcoming tour. He is also spreading the word of his new album “Believe” and the first single off that album, “Boyfriend”.

Whilst in years gone by you may have cast him aside as a pre-pubescent pretty boy, this album will be the one that puts Bieber well and truly on the radar for a new, and far more diverse audience. As he continues to grow and craft his trade, he looks set to become a true force in both the music, and corporate worlds.